It might seem like a mere formality, but a reference check can make or break your chances of getting hired. At this point in the interview stage, a potential employer is seriously considering you for the job, so choose references that give them no choice but to hire you.

Unless otherwise instructed, all references should be of a professional nature — i.e., no family members or friends. Here’s a list of people who fit the bill.

Former Boss

Listing your current manager as a reference will likely get you fired, so ask a boss from a previous job to vouch for you. Choose someone you had a good relationship with, so you can feel confident they’ll sing your praises. Having someone who used to manage you in your corner will be a major asset, because they’ll be able to answer questions about your skills and work ethic.

Current or Former Supervisor

If you don’t have a good relationship with a former boss, someone who supervised you in another activity can work. For example, if you volunteer for a nonprofit, ask the volunteer coordinator to speak on your behalf. Not only will extracurriculars impress the interviewer, they can also speak to your skills and work ethic.

Former Co-Worker

It’s probably not the best idea to tell a current colleague you’re seeking new opportunities, so ask a colleague from a previous job. Choose someone you worked with directly, so they’ll be able to provide substantial answers to the interviewer’s questions. Having a co-worker speak on your behalf will look great, because it shows your ability to get along with the team.


If you’re a recent graduate without a lot of work experience, a former teacher or professor can be a great reference choice. They can highlight the work ethic you displayed during the course, your ability to work with other students and skills you learned on their watch — assuming they’re applicable to the job.

Academic Advisor

Another option for recent graduates, a high school guidance counselor or a college academic advisor will add weight to your reference list. As long as you had a close relationship with them during school, they’ll be able to discuss your character and ambition, which are important to potential employers.

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