No doubt, you already have a traditional resume, but you’re thinking of trying something a little bolder. An infographic resume serves as a unique way to showcase your skills and experience.

While you’re presenting the same information found in your standard resume, a different format can be a great way to shake things up — in some cases. Take a look at the pros and cons of an infographic resume to decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Pro: It Helps You Stand Out

Getting noticed by top employers isn’t easy. The best jobs often receive hundreds of resumes, so submitting yours in infographic form can give you a competitive edge. Along with catching the hiring manager’s eye, you’ll be able to highlight your creativity. Receiving a resume in a different form could be viewed as refreshing, thus making the reader want to meet you.

Con: It Won’t Properly Represent You for Many Jobs

Many companies don’t review all resumes by hand. It’s very common for employers to do a first round pass using an applicant tracking system. In this case, an infographic resume wouldn’t be compatible, so your application would be eliminated. You don’t want to be rejected due to something as trivial as an improperly formatted resume.

Pro: It Looks Nice

Infographic resumes are works of art. These visually stunning pieces organize your work history in a manner that makes sense, but also looks great. While traditional text resumes get the job done, they don’t have the same appeal as their infographic counterparts.

Con: Many Employers Do Not Consider This Format Legit

Some hiring managers will find your infographic resume brilliant, but not everyone will share this sentiment. Traditional resumes are the standard, and many employers do not like to deviate from what they know. Your creativity could backfire if the reader finds your resume annoying to read or doesn’t understand it serves the same purpose as a standard resume.

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