Interviewing for a new job is simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking. Naturally, you want to know as soon as possible if you’ll be receiving a job offer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually work that way.

If the employer is looking to fill the position immediately, you might hear back within a few days; however, it could also take several weeks for a hiring decision to be made. Waiting even a short period of time can feel like an eternity, so here are three tips to follow up without making a pest of yourself.

Ask the Interviewer About the Next Steps

Get in the loop before leaving the interview by inquiring about the hiring timeline. Being in the know will save you the stress of checking your phone and email every five seconds in anticipation of a message that might not be delivered for several weeks. Find out if it’s okay to contact the person for an update if you still haven’t heard anything several days after a decision was expected to be made. This approach will allow you to stay informed, without appearing pushy.

Find out If It’s Okay to Connect on LinkedIn

Joining the interviewer’s LinkedIn network is a smart way to stay on their mind. Bring it up before leaving the building, as sending a request without asking permission could be viewed as crossing the line.

If possible, find a reason to connect that has nothing to do with the job. For example, offer to share an interesting article that directly relates to the business, or bring up a contact you’d like to introduce to the interviewer. This serves as a subtle way to add value without directly pushing your own agenda.

Promptly Send a Thank-You Note

Some job seekers believe sending a thank-you note is optional, but if you want the job, it isn’t. This is your chance to make one final pitch explaining why you’re the best fit, clear up any miscommunications from the interview and show off your impeccable manners.

Reaching out via email is typically the best route, because you can have it in the interviewer’s inbox before the end of the day. If the company is very traditional, with an old school vibe, it’s probably best to send a handwritten note, but drop it in the mailbox the day of your interview to ensure a speedy delivery.

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