When reviewing resumes for an open position at your company, there’s a good chance you’ll find submissions from candidates who are clearly overqualified for the job. It’s natural to question this, as most people want to move up the ladder, instead of climbing back down. However, this type of job seeker can be the best thing to ever happen to your team.

Many people get a taste of upper-level jobs and realize it’s not what they really want. Some stay in these positions, because they feel like they should, but others aren’t afraid to return to their roots. If the person is a fit for your team and seriously interested in the job, this is your chance to hire someone who will have a positive impact on your team.

They’re Easy to Train

It can take weeks, or even months, to train a new hire taking the next step in their career. You’ll need to invest a great deal of time and energy into even the brightest candidates, because learning the ropes at a new job is a major undertaking.

When you choose an overqualified candidate, they can hit the ground running. They’re already familiar with the job, so they’ll just need a brief introduction to your company before diving into the work.

They’ll Accomplish Goals Faster

Since overqualified candidates can get down to business right away, you’ll see results quickly. They’ve completed this type of work in the past, so there won’t be a need for much trial and error. Progress will be slower when candidates don’t have this experience, because it takes time to master entirely new tasks.

You’ll Get More Value for the Money

There’s a common misconception that overqualified candidates expect an exorbitant salary, but that isn’t usually the case. When someone intentionally applies for a job they’re more than equipped to hold, they do so knowing they’re going to take a pay cut.

Therefore, this is your chance to get a more experienced candidate without having to pay top dollar. If you can, offer a slightly higher salary than you’d pay someone without their experience, but don’t sweat it if you don’t have room in the budget.

They’ll Energize the Team

If a person applies for a job they’re overqualified to hold, they know exactly what they’re getting into — and they feel great about it. Instead of trying to work their way up and out of the position, they’ll be focused on producing high-quality output.

Positive energy is contagious, so expect their enthusiasm to spread throughout your staff. Everyone will be inspired when they see a seriously talented person having a great time doing something they truly enjoy.

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