If you enjoy working with people and helping a company thrive, human resources might be an ideal career path for you. This line of work offers the chance to be an integral part of the team and really make a difference.

One of the few roles needed at every company, working in HR means your services are needed at just about every company. Find out what abilities you’ll need to have to be successful in this field.


Talent acquisition is one of the most important aspects of the job for HR professionals. To succeed, you must be comfortable reaching out to candidates and guiding them through the recruiting process. In many cases, you’ll be conducting phone screenings and/or first-round interviews, along with other key tasks, such as making sure new hires complete all necessary paperwork. You’ll need to be an excellent communicator, with a sharp eye to catch any inconsistences.

Social Media

You might think the marketing department handles all the social media for a company, but that isn’t the case. HR professionals are increasingly using popular sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to post jobs, search for candidates and perform background checks on potential hires. If you’re not at least moderately familiar with these sites, this could hurt your chances of getting hired.


Finding top talent is time-consuming and expensive, so employers want to do everything in their power to keep the team intact. A robust onboarding process is a crucial part of achieving that goal. If people aren’t happy during their first few days, weeks and months on the job, they’ll leave. As an HR professional, you’ll work with managers to help them create an effective onboarding program tailored to fit the unique needs of each new hire.


Working in HR will require you to wear many hats, so it’s imperative you know how to schedule your time wisely. Whether you’re assisting with strategic planning or hiring new employees, your performance impacts the entire company. Therefore, you must be exceptionally organized and have the ability to prioritize.

Employee Relations

The work of an HR professional isn’t done after recruiting new hires. You’ll also be responsible for helping to create and maintain a harmonious work environment. This might involve resolving problems faced by the entire staff — i.e., pushing management for a better benefits program — or diffusing a conflict between two employees.

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