When you think about it, finding a job the traditional way is a major gamble. After meeting with the hiring manager a few times — or maybe just once — you’ll accept a position that will change your career trajectory. Sometimes this is a great thing, other times it’s not.

Temporary work offers the best of both worlds, because you get to try the position on for size to see if it fits. If it’s a match, great, if not, there’s no obligation to stay past the end of your contract. Find out what you have to gain by giving your job search a non-traditional spin.

Test Drive a New Career

Changing jobs is always nerve-wracking, but switching careers entirely is downright intimidating. Temporary work allows you to give this new avenue a try, before making a permanent move. You might discover this different line of work is a dream come true, but if not, you have an easy out.

Choose Your Boss

A bad boss can turn a great job into a nightmare. It’s impossible to know what someone will be like to work for until they’re actually your manager. As a temporary employee, you’re in control, so if you don’t like your boss, you won’t feel any pressure to stay when your contract ends. This experience will also help you learn the type of management style you prefer.

Work With People You Like

When you work full time, you spend at least 40 hours per week with your colleagues. If you enjoy these people, work won’t feel like a job, but if you can’t stand them, you’ll dread punching the clock each day. You won’t know if you enjoy your co-workers until you’re part of the team. Temporary employment offers the unique opportunity to see what they’re like before making a long-term commitment.

Set Your Own Schedule

Work isn’t the only thing in your life. You have other important obligations that require your time, so you need a job that fits your schedule. Temporary work is flexible in nature, allowing you to decide when you want to work. This allows you to enjoy the balanced lifestyle you need to feel personally and professionally fulfilled.

Find Your Ideal Work Environment

If you’re new to the workforce or have been unhappy in the same job for a while, you might not know how to define your ideal employer. Temporary work gives you exposure to different work environments, allowing you to find your fit. You won’t realize your potential in a setting that doesn’t meet your needs, so this arrangement will help you find a job that makes you truly happy.

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