Making the decision to change careers can be tough, but you were brave enough to do it. Right now, you’re probably feeling a mix of excitement and fear, but you can do this. In fact, you’ve already landed a job interview, so employers definitely see your potential.

Here are several tips to help you succeed when interviewing for a job that will change the course of your career.

Highlight Transferable Skills

Your previous career path might’ve been very different from the direction you’re trying to shift into, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely start over. Plenty of the skills you acquired in your previous jobs will transfer to this new position, so determine what you already have to offer and emphasize it. For example, skills like problem solving, communication and time management are needed at most jobs, so don’t underestimate their value.

Find a Competitive Edge

Make your past jobs work for you by explaining how your experience in a different industry gives you an edge on other candidates. This can be something about the industry itself or experience gained from the types of jobs you held, as long as it presents you as having specialized knowledge that will set you apart from other contenders.

Showcase Your Passion

Employers want to hire someone truly excited about the job, so let your enthusiasm shine. You’ll almost definitely be asked why you decided to change industries, which is your chance to explain what attracted you to this line of work, and more specifically, this opportunity. Most hiring managers would rather bring on a new employee who’s passionate about the work, but needs a little training, than someone with all the right skills and a poor attitude.

Prepare a Learning Plan

A great attitude will get you far in a interview, but hiring managers need to know you’re serious about the transition. Prove your shift into this new industry is a permanent one by sharing your plan to gain the skills needed to succeed in the job. If you’re taking classes, volunteering in a similar role, or doing anything else to sharpen your skill set, be sure to emphasize this and share your progress.

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