You have a fantastic idea that will benefit both your career and the company, but you can’t get started without your boss’s approval. If you’re unable to get their permission to implement it, your vision might never be brought to life, and that would be a shame. Therefore, you have to pose this idea to your boss in a manner that’s impossible to decline.

Putting together a solid presentation will take significant time and effort, but it will be well worth it when you’re given the green light.

How to Present a New Idea to Your Boss

Increase the chance of gaining your boss’s support by covering these three bases.

  1. Focus on Organizational Benefits

Every good boss wants their employees to succeed, but that’s not their top priority. First and foremost, your manager has to ensure the company meets — or exceeds — its goals, so make this your sole focus. Zero in on the advantages your idea will bring to the organization and its bottom line, instead of the ways it will boost your resume.

  1. Have a Solid Plan in Place

No matter how good your idea is, your boss won’t take you seriously if you aren’t prepared with a plan to implement it. Detail the resources you’ll need to bring it to fruition — i.e., supplies, additional staffers — so they know exactly what’s involved. If your idea is implemented, your plan will likely be changed several times along the way, but going in with a solid starting point is necessary from the beginning.

  1. Make It Clear Your Other Responsibilities Won’t Suffer

Your current job is important, so your boss needs to know you’re not planning to abandon it. Explain the implementation of your new idea will be secondary to your existing responsibilities. If it really takes off, this might change in time, but right now your boss needs to know they’re not going to have to find someone else to pick up your slack.

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