When filling an open position on your team, you want to attract top talent, but you won’t do that without a well-written job description. If the position doesn’t sound interesting, the best candidates won’t apply, so you have to engage them.

Joining your team is a great opportunity for job seekers, but they won’t recognize this if your job description falls flat. This is your chance to really sell the position and help people see why it’s an incredible opportunity. Find out how to write a job description that captures the attention of the kind of talent you want to hire.

Craft an Engaging Title

The title is the first thing the reader will see, so it needs to properly represent the job. Get right to the point by summarizing the role in as few words as possible. If a job seeker doesn’t understand the nature of the position from the title, they won’t keep reading. Even further, if it doesn’t contain the right keywords, it won’t appear in relevant search results.

Be Precise

Just as it’s important to get to the point in the title, avoid placing unnecessary information in the job description itself. Limit the body of the text to 400 to 800 words, because anything longer will overwhelm the reader. You don’t want the most important information to get lost in a sea of excessive text. Break up the content with headers and bullet points to make it easy to read.

List Several Qualifications

Job seekers aren’t mind-readers, so they won’t know what you want in the ideal candidate if you don’t spell it out. Include three to four qualifications in the job description to help people gauge their fit. It’s inevitable you’ll get applications from candidates who don’t meet your minimum criteria, but this should help curb that a bit, while encouraging the right people to apply.

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