It’s important to be professional in a job interview; however, hiring managers also want to see your personality. The interviewer read your resume, so they already know you have the skills needed to excel at the job, but meeting you face to face allows them to assess your cultural fit.

If you don’t seem like you’ll blend in with the rest of the team, you won’t get hired. Of course, letting your guard down too much can also work against you, so you have to strike the right balance between personable and professional. Find out how to give the interviewer a glimpse of your real personality, without appearing unpolished.

Prepare in Advance

Most people are — understandably — impacted by job interview nerves. Ease your anxiety by doing as much prep work as possible in advance. In the days leading up to your interview, choose your outfit, test drive the route you’ll take to get there, decide where you’ll park and practice responses to common interview questions until you feel confident with every answer. Being truly ready for the interview will help you relax, so you can go into the meeting feeling cool as a cucumber.

Be Aware of Your Body Language

Sometimes what you don’t say speaks louder than the responses to interview questions you carefully rehearsed. Nonverbal actions like giving a limp handshake, crossing your arms over your chest and failing to make eye contact with the interviewer can cause them to make a variety of unbecoming assumptions about you — e.g., that you lack confidence and aren’t interested in the job. Avoid this by making a point to be cognizant of your body language.

Highlight Past Experiences

More than just a way for the interviewer to gauge your skills, behavioral interview questions allow you to showcase your personality. Answers to questions like “Tell me about a time you didn’t get along with a co-worker?” or “Describe a stressful situation at work and how you handled it” are the perfect opportunity to present yourself in a flattering manner. Choose real examples that highlight instances when you were really proud of your behavior.

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