No one wins in a toxic work environment. If your company doesn’t have the best internal vibe, it’s time to make some serious changes for the better.

Top talent has no interest in working for a company that brings them down as soon as they walk through the front door, it’s depressing and discouraging. Consequently, your turnover rate is probably pretty high, and if it’s not already, it will be soon, unless a major shift takes place. Find out how to establish the healthy work environment your company needs to thrive.

Create a Sense of Trust

Trust is a key factor of a healthy work environment, because employees won’t have confidence in you if they don’t believe a word you say. Building trust takes a lot of time and effort, and when it’s broken, getting it back is hard work. Show your team you can be trusted by keeping the promises you make and being transparent about company happenings that will impact them.

Treat People With Respect

You’re the boss, but that doesn’t give you the right to disrespect your employees. If you constantly belittle, humiliate and disregard them, their opinion of you is probably not too favorable. As the leader, you set the tone for your company, so treat your team with the same respect you want to receive.

Stop Micromanaging

Being the boss is a huge responsibility, so it makes sense you want to keep a tight grip on the reins. However, people can’t function properly if you’re constantly hovering over their shoulders. Turn things around by taking a step back and empowering your employees to make their own decisions. Mistakes will be made, but people will learn and grow from them. You hired smart, capable employees, so give them the freedom to do their jobs their own way.

Foster a Solid Sense of Team

Your company is only as strong as the people powering it. If your team is everything but a cohesive force, put some time and effort into helping them bond. Hold regular team-building events —e.g., group lunch, Friday happy hour, a bowling outing — to give employees the chance to get to know one another outside the office. People are much happier, more productive and have higher levels of job satisfaction when they’re part of a team they care about.

Building a healthy work environment starts with hiring the right people. PrideStaff Northern Kentucky wants to help you find light industrial, warehouse and manufacturing talent who perfectly fit your company culture. Contact us today!

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