Many people work to live, but your job is more than just a way to pay the bills. You can’t relate to your friends who swap woeful stories about hating their job, because you feel the opposite.

Finding a position that makes you feel fulfilled, happy and content is truly special. If any of the following five sentiments ring true, you’re in the midst of a really great career situation.

Tackling Your To-Do List is Fun

You’re always busy, but instead of becoming overwhelmed by everything on your plate, you feel invigorated. There are so many things you want to do in your current role, it’s often hard to decide which task to accomplish first.

Attending Meetings is Enjoyable

Employees often view meetings as boring, but that’s not your stance. You relish this time with your peers to set goals, discuss projects and brainstorm for the future. Anything but nodding off in the corner, you often lead the conversation.

You Want to Make a Difference

Some people work hard for the money, but you give your all to the job because you’re truly passionate about it. You believe in the work you’re doing and want to make changes for the better. The paycheck is nice, but your job satisfaction is tied to much more than dollar signs.

Workdays Always Seem to Go Quickly

It’s not uncommon for employees to stare at the clock, eagerly awaiting quitting time, but that’s not your situation. In fact, your workdays go by in a flash, because you’re so engrossed in the projects in front of you. Time flies when you’re having fun, and in fact, you often use this phrase to describe your day at work.

You Genuinely Care About Your Colleagues

More than just people you happen to work alongside, you’ve formed a real work family with your colleagues. You genuinely consider them friends, enjoy their company and don’t think twice about pitching in when they need a helping hand.

If you don’t really love your job, it’s time to embark on a new career adventure. PrideStaff Northern Kentucky wants to help you find a light industrial, warehouse or manufacturing job that makes you excited to go to work each day. Contact us today to start your search!

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