Your employees are the backbone of the company. Their hard work, dedication and innovative ideas keep your business running smoothly. More than just names on your staffing roster, these people are special and they deserve your respect.

Bonding with your team isn’t just a nice idea — it’s also great for business. Having a good rapport with your employees shows you care about them as individuals, and the benefits resonate throughout the workplace.

Increased Productivity

When employees have a tight bond with their employer, they want to produce outstanding results. They’ll work harder, putting in the time and effort to get the job done right every time, because they don’t want to let the boss — i.e., you — down. These people are invested in the company and they want to see it thrive.

Heightened Efficiency

Workers who share a sense of mutual respect and admiration with their employer value their jobs and truly care about the business. They want to do their part to make the business a success, so they’re always searching for ways to work faster, cut costs and create innovative products that will offer a competitive advantage.

Greater Loyalty

Most people have worked for an employer who didn’t treat them well, so when they find one that does, they know they have a good thing going. Consequently, they have no desire to leave the company, resulting in a seriously low turnover rate. This translates to less time and money spent hiring and training new employees.

Fewer Conflicts in the Workplace

From an employee’s prospective, having a strong bond with the boss feels fantastic, making them feel happy and content at work each day. People who enjoy their work and know their efforts are appreciated typically have an overwhelmingly positive attitude that results in a cheerful work environment, where conflict is rare.

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