Finding a job you’re really interested in, only to learn you lack one of the required skills, can be discouraging — but only if you allow it to hold you back. If you don’t try, you’ll never know if the hiring manager would’ve taken a chance on you.

The best employers value cultural fit over a perfect skills match, so they’re frequently willing to overlook a missing skill or two. Realistically speaking, coming across a candidate with every required skill and a personality that perfectly aligns with the team is rare. It’s much wiser to hire a candidate with the desired traits and provide training for the missing skills, than to hire someone with an impeccable resume who just doesn’t fit in.

Putting yourself out there can be scary, but you won’t regret it. Follow these tips to fight for the job you really want.

Apply Anyway

Stop telling yourself you don’t have what it takes to succeed at the job, because that’s not true. Apply for the position and give the hiring manager the chance to gauge your fit. There’s zero repercussions for applying to a job you’re not completely qualified for, so take a chance on yourself.

Emphasize Your Fit

You don’t have every skill needed to do the job, but you have most of them. Focus on what you do have to offer, instead of areas where you’re lacking. Tailor your resume for the position and add as many relevant quantifiable accomplishments as possible to showcase what you have to offer. Review the company’s online presence to learn as much as possible about its culture, and use this to write a cover letter that emphasizes your fit.

Highlight Additional Skills

Go above and beyond what’s required by showcasing relevant skills and experience not listed in the job description. Bringing something unexpected to the position could offset the skills you don’t have. You never know what the hiring manager has in mind for the job in the future, so your resume might really resonate.

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