Working in a call center is so much more than answering a phone. If you want to impress a hiring manager, you need to submit a resume showing you’re a well-rounded candidate with the personality and skills needed to leave customers satisfied by the time they hang up.

One bad experience with a customer service professional can turn a client away for good, so craft a resume that makes the reader feel confident putting business in your hands.

Highlight Customer Service Skills

Customer service professionals are the voice of the company, so a potential employer needs to know you can be trusted to behave in a friendly and professional manner. Assuming you have a good one, list your customer service rating at previous jobs as a bullet point to show your proven expertise. Numbers don’t lie, so this will help the reader feel confident in your abilities.

Detail Problem-Solving Abilities

This type of job often involves interacting with angry customers or those who need help solving an issue. Make it clear you have this covered by emphasizing your ability to troubleshoot. This could involve noting you’re comfortable going off-script to solve customer issues that fall outside traditional bounds. If applicable, you might also explain you’ve worked with management to help make department-wide changes to address common customer complaints.

Share Conversion Rates

Some customer service jobs involve a sales aspect, so if any of your past jobs fit the bill, include your conversion rates. Even if the job you’re vying for doesn’t involve sales, this demonstrates your persuasive abilities and shows your desire to succeed at the job — both highly transferrable skills. Plus, you can’t sell a product or service unless you’re knowledgeable about it, so high conversion rates typically paint a picture of an all-round great employee.

Present Yourself as a Team Player

Employers need to know you work well with others, because customer service jobs are very team-oriented. You may have to communicate customer information to a colleague or work with another department to solve an issue, so let the reader know you can handle it. Dedicate a bullet point to your comfort at working with accounting, finance, marketing, etc. It’s also wise to share a success you achieved as part of a team, which shows your “us” instead of “I” mentality.

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