Right now, you’re working temporary gigs, but you’d like to find something steady. The good news is that each temporary assignment is essentially a job interview. You can be certain the employer is watching your every move, trying to decide if you’d be a good long-term fit for the team.

In this tight labor market, companies are seeking hard-working, dependable employees who want to learn and grow. There are many examples of short one-day assignments turning into a candidate being hired by the client, so make yourself the next success story.

  1. Have a Positive Attitude

A negative attitude won’t get you far in life or work. Put a smile on your face and let your sunny disposition shine. People are drawn to those who radiate positivity, so lift the team up with your eternal optimism.

  1. Give 100% Effort

If you slack off during a temp job, it’s a pretty fair bet you won’t be a very hardworking employee. You know you’re under close observation, so let this motivate you to put forth your best effort. Show the boss what you’re capable of because making a great impression might land you a regular gig.

  1. Be Reliable

Employees who can’t be counted on are the worst. If you exhibit even the slightest hint of unpredictable behavior, you won’t get hired. This means showing up on time and proving you can be trusted to produce quality work. When companies find top talent, they don’t want to let it go, so this can be your ticket in.

  1. Fit in With the Team

Cultural fit is a must. Employees who don’t mesh with the group don’t last, so make an effort to become part of the group. Be friendly, show an interest in your peers and try to subtly mimic their behaviors to assimilate. Accept invitations to join the team for lunch or an after-work drink, because this will strengthen your bond. If your peers like you, they’ll lobby for you to be hired full-time.

  1. Make Your Intentions Known

When you find an opportunity you’d like to stick with, let your recruiter know. They can talk to the hiring manager to see if they’re looking to fill the position full-time, and find out what you’d need to do to be offered the job.

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