Your warehouse needs to function like a well-oiled machine to get the job done right. All hands on deck are needed to keep things moving, so hire wisely.

Whether you’re filling permanent or temporary positions, the candidates you choose have the power to either make the team stronger than ever or bring everyone down. The following factors must be given careful consideration when making a hiring decision.

Commitment to Safety

No doubt, safety is the number-one priority at your warehouse. You want every worker to leave at the end of their shift in the same condition they started in, but this takes cooperation from the entire team. Gauge candidates’ dedication to safety by asking specific interview questions such as, “Have you ever been asked to do something unsafe at work. If so, how did you react?”

Cultural Fit

If a candidate doesn’t fit into your warehouse culture, they won’t last. You need someone who’s both a perfect match for the job and your company, so learn as much as possible about their values, communication style, how they like to be managed, preferred work environment and other key traits to determine their fit.


Make sure candidates have reliable transportation, value punctuality and are willing to pitch in and help co-workers when necessary. Running a thorough reference check is a great way to gather this information, because former managers and colleagues can speak to the person’s past behaviors.

Future Career Goals

Training warehouse talent is hard work, so hire people who want to build a future at your company. If you choose wisely, even temporary workers can turn into permanent hires. During the interview process, inquire about candidates’ future career goals and why they find warehouse work so fulfilling, to determine if they’re in it for the long haul.

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