Congratulations, you just landed a great new job! An exciting new career endeavor awaits you — but first, you must resign from your current job. If you’re really unhappy in your current role, it can be tempting to drop what you’re doing and walk out the door, but behaving in an unprofessional manner will come back to haunt you.

No matter how you feel about your boss and colleagues, you need to quit your job with dignity so you don’t burn bridges. You might quickly realize your new job was a mistake and want to come back to your old one or you could run into one of your current colleagues down the road at another job. Regardless, your reputation is on the line, so don’t make a dramatic exit.

4 Tips to Leave Your Job on a Graceful Note

  1. Give at Least Two Weeks’ Notice

Common courtesy requires you to submit your resignation with two weeks’ notice. If you can give more, that’s great, but don’t give less. This allows your boss time to create a transition plan and start looking for your replacement.

  1. Make List of Your Responsibilities

Obviously, your boss knows what you do, but remembering every single task on your list can be a challenge. Make it easy by writing all your responsibilities down, so nothing is forgotten. If you have time, create a list of instructions that can be used as reference by the next person.

  1. Offer to Train Your Replacements

Chances are, your boss won’t be able to hire your replacement before your last day, so your co-workers will need to step in. When your tasks have been divided up, offer to help each person learn the ropes so they’ll feel comfortable taking over upon your departure.

  1. Work Hard Through Your Last Day

Showing up late, taking three-hour lunches and doing minimal work during your final two weeks on the job will amuse no one. Be respectful of your colleagues and continue work as usual until your time at the company comes to an end. If you slack off now, you’re only causing more work for your colleagues later — and that’s not fair.

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