As an employee, there are few things more frustrating than being micromanaged. Constantly being watched, told how to do everything and falling short of expectations gets old — fast. If you suspect you might be a micromanager, you need to get yourself in check immediately or risk losing your best employees.

5 Signs You’re a Micromanager

  • You check in with your employees frequently throughout the day for status updates you know deep down aren’t really necessary.
  • It’s rare for you to be pleased with work submitted by your staff, because your way is always best.
  • You’re the boss and you do everything in your power to make sure no one forgets it.
  • You need to know exactly what each of your employees is working on at every moment.
  • No one makes decisions without running them by you first.

How to Stop Your Micromanaging Ways

If any of the signs above sound familiar, you’re a micromanager. The good news is, you can overcome this nasty habit if you’re committed to making a change for the better.

  1. Delegate Small Tasks

Putting a stop to your micromanaging takes time, so start small. Choose a few simple, unimportant tasks to delegate to your staff and step away. Allow your employees the freedom to complete the work their own way, because your approach isn’t the only one that makes sense. This will help you build trust, and you might even be pleasantly surprised at what your team can do when left to their own devices.

  1. Make Only Necessary Changes

When assignments are submitted for your approval, think twice before requesting your standard list of changes. If something is truly incorrect, it’s fine to point the error out. However, you’ll need to remain mum if the only problem is a mere stylistic difference. You don’t have to get your way all the time.

  1. Designate a Time for Status Updates

You’re the boss, so you do need regular status updates from your team — just not on an hourly basis. Choose an appropriate interval — daily, weekly, monthly — to meet with your employees and find out where they stand on certain projects. Do not deviate from this plan unless an actual business need arises.

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