Whether you’re bulking up your roster during a busy period or filling a gap on your core team until you find a permanent replacement, you’re about to welcome a temporary employee to your team. It’s true this person will only be with your company for a short while, but during their tenure, they’ll be representing your organization. Therefore, you need to make them feel welcome and provide a positive employment experience.

Use these five tips to help your temporary worker become part of the team in no time at all.

  1. Provide Them With Orientation

You wouldn’t think about putting a traditional new hire to work without a thorough orientation, so do the same for your temporary employee. Having the opportunity to learn more about the company will make them feel valued and help them understand why your staff works so hard each day. Even if it’s for a short time, these people will be doing work on behalf of your brand, so you need to invest in them.

  1. Ask for Their Input

The temporary employee you hired is a smart, capable individual with great ideas, so take advantage of this by allowing them to take ownership of their job. Meet with them regularly to see how things are going and request feedback. As a newcomer, they might have some great ideas about ways to improve both the position and your organization.

  1. Don’t Constantly Mention Their Temp Status

Introduce your temporary employee to the team and inform the group of their employment status, then stop with the temp talk. Constantly reminding the person they’re only part of the team for a brief time will make them feel awkward. You know they’re a temp, the employee knows and the rest of the team is well aware, so move on.

  1. Make Space for Them

Whether your temporary worker will have a desk job or a spot on an assembly line in your factory, make room for them. If the person needs a desk to work, clear out a space for them and have all systems set up on their computer prior to their first day. It feels great to walk into a new setting and have a space of your very own.

  1. Include Them in Team Activities

Until your temporary employee is off your payroll, they’re part of the team, so act like it. From staff meetings to group lunches, make sure an invitation is extended to all team gatherings. Leaving your temporary staffer out is just plain rude and uncalled for.

Not only is treating your temporary employee well the right thing to do, it can also pay off in the long term because you might be so impressed with their work you want turn their short-term gig into something of a permanent nature.

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