As a warehouse leader, you’re always searching for ways to boost productivity, but achieving this feat is no easy task. Many different factors weigh into the success of your warehouse, making it difficult to know which ones to focus on. Adjusting certain elements could make a hugely positive difference or result in little-to-no change.

When you’re unsure of which route to take, instituting a complete overhaul can be tempting, but this tactic can easily backfire. Too many changes at once can lead to mass chaos, effectively decreasing productivity. While the exact recipe to improve overall workflow and productivity varies by company, these three initiatives are a solid starting point.

  1. Establish Goals and Systems to Measure Productivity

It’s hard to be productive if goals for success are not clearly defined. Create a set of actionable objectives to measure productivity and use this to refine your current systems. Share goals with your workers and ask for their input in implementing new practices and procedures to help your warehouse attain — or even exceed — these targets. You might be pleasantly surprised at what your staff is capable of achieving when they have solid aims to work towards.

  1. Lead by Example

Employees look to their boss for guidance, so if you’re not being productive, they’ll follow suit. No one will take you seriously if you spend time criticizing your staff for poor performance, but don’t actually make any valuable contributions to the team yourself. Instead, inspire them to do their best work by setting a great example. When they see you following your own advice, they’ll join right in beside you.

  1. Build the Right Team

The employees you hire to work at your warehouse can make or break your success. If you want to be productive, you need a team with the right skills and attitude to streamline productivity. From hiring a dynamic warehouse manager to the very best support staff, every person that joins your team must be carefully vetted. All it takes is one bad seed to slow things down for everyone, so you can never be too vigilant when filling open positions.

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