Job interviews can be an incredibly nerve-wracking experience, so now that yours is over, you’re probably feeling incredibly relieved. Of course, your work isn’t done yet, as your follow-up strategy can make or break your chances of getting the job. The hiring manager is likely interviewing a number of qualified candidates, so you need to keep working to stay on their radar.

Get started on these post-interview tips immediately after leaving your interview, to increase your chances of receiving an offer.

Promptly Write a Thank You Note

Definitely not an optional formality, writing a thank you letter to every person who interviewed you is an essential part of the interview process. In most cases, sending it via email is perfectly acceptable, but if the company is particularly traditional, you’ll want to handwrite it. Many interviewers won’t continue on with candidates who don’t write a note, so compose yours right after the meeting and send it off before the end of the day.

Connect With the Hiring Manager on Social Media

It’s never a good idea to seek out a hiring manager’s personal social media presence —Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest typically fall into this category — but connecting on LinkedIn is a great opportunity to stay in touch. In addition to being a savvy way to highlight your perfectly polished profile and impressive connections, you can stay on their mind by sharing regular status updates. Even if you aren’t chosen for the job, using this approach makes it much easier to stay in touch for future opportunities. Just remember to stick to LinkedIn, as sending a Facebook friend request is usually considered inappropriate.

Send a Follow-Up Email

Playing the waiting game is a challenge for even the most laid-back candidates. Thankfully, unless you were specifically instructed to wait for the company to contact you, it’s perfectly acceptable to reach out if the date you were told a hiring decision would be made has past and you haven’t heard anything — or about a week later if you weren’t given one. Send a follow-up email to briefly reiterate your interest in the job, ask if you need to provide any additional information and politely request a status update. The last thing you want to do is make a nuisance of yourself, so if you don’t get a response, consider that your answer and move on.

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