When you’re really unhappy at work, it can be very tempting to just walk out and never come back — especially if you’ve found a new job. Daydreaming about taking this step is one thing, but actually doing so is a whole other story, because under no circumstances is it ever acceptable to quit without giving notice.

In the short-term, leaving the company in a lurch might make you feel pretty vindicated, but ultimately, you’re only hurting yourself.

3 Reasons to Always Give Notice Before Quitting

If you’re still considering leaving your job without giving your boss a respectful heads-up, you might reconsider after learning more about the repercussions.

  1. Giving Even a Little Warning Helps Your Employer.

    Notifying your boss of your impending departure with two weeks’ notice is the standard, but anything helps. If you absolutely cannot wait this long, giving a week or even a few days’ notice is much better than nothing. Having a little bit of transition time is a huge help to your team and it will allow you to leave on a positive note.

  2. Burning Bridges Ruins Your Chance of a Good Reference.

    When emotions are running high, it’s easy to act before thinking — a move that rarely ends well. In your mind, you may have envisioned yourself telling your boss off and walking out the door a hundred times, but in reality, behaving in this irrational manner will only burn bridges. If you leave on bad terms, you can’t call on your manager for future referrals, because their opinion of you won’t be very high, so keep that in mind.

  3. Leaving Employers Off Your Resume Won’t Go Unnoticed.

    Being forced to leave a company off your resume because your departure was less-than-gracious is a headache that will follow for years to come — maybe even the rest of your career. Hiring managers will absolutely notice the gap in your resume and there’s no great way to explain a relationship with a former employer that got so bad you had to exclude the company from your employment history.

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