Most warehouse and manufacturing jobs will never require you to dress your finest for work, but you haven’t been hired yet. Many candidates don’t think twice about showing up to an interview clad in work wear, but this type of attire is never acceptable for any position. If you actually want to get the job, wearing a nicely pressed, clean button-down dress shirt and a pair of dress pants is non-negotiable.

3 Reasons to Dress Your Best for Job Interviews

Still think it’s okay to walk into your upcoming interview in jeans and your favorite flannel? Learn why you need to step out of your comfort zone and ditch the casual wear if you really want the job.

  1. Demonstrate Professionalism.

    Hiring decisions are always a gamble, so managers closely examine every last detail about candidates to try and make the best choice. Dressing up for a job interview represents professionalism and has nothing to do with what your actual work attire would be like. If you show up to the meeting wearing casual clothing, you’ll look like an amateur, which is not the mark you want to leave.

  2. Show Respect to the Hiring Manager.

    When interviewing for a job, your goal is to make the hiring manager like you — not to offend them with your laid-back attire. Walking into the meeting dressed nicely is a sign of respect because it shows you value their time and are taking the interview seriously. No one wants to hire a candidate so impartial to the position they can’t be bothered to dress nicely on the day that may seal their fate with the company.

  3. Stand Out from the Crowd.

    The hiring manager’s first impression of you can make or break your chance of getting the job. If you show up to the interview dressed professionally and perfectly groomed, you’ll have an automatic edge on other candidates who opted not to put much effort into their appearance. When you’re one of the multiple people vying for the same job, finding a positive way to differentiate yourself is key — and this is it.

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