The prospect of getting a new job is very exciting, so congratulations on your upcoming job interview at a warehouse you’d really like to work at. Whether you’re vying for the position of a packer, forklift operator, general laborer or any of the dozens of other possibilities offered at a warehouse, you’ll need to follow a set of basic interview rules if you want to receive a job offer.

Whether this is your first warehouse job interview or just the first one you’ve had in years, it’s important to brush up on standard etiquette prior to the big day.

You’ve clearly already made a great impression with your resume, so follow this advice to do the same during the interview.

  1. Use Formal Salutations.

    Warehouses typically have an informal setting, but that doesn’t mean you can get too relaxed with your interviewer. Demonstrate respect by referring to the person as “Sir” or Ms.” Continue this throughout the interview unless you’re specifically told to do otherwise.

  2. Dress to Impress.

    During a job interview, you want to put your best self forward and your appearance is a major part of this. Wearing a nice, clean pair of dress pants without any stains or holes and a dress shirt shows that you’re a true professional — and looking great will also make you feel more confident. Pair your attire with good hygiene and proper grooming.

  3. Arrive Early.

    The last thing you want to do is keep the interviewer waiting, so arrive five to 10 minutes early. This affords a little leeway if you get lost trying to find the place to check-in and it gives the impression you won’t have trouble showing up for work on time if hired.

  4. Come Prepared.

    Sending your resume and cover letter to the hiring manager is what got you the interview in the first place, but you shouldn’t assume they’ll bring these documents to the meeting. It’s your responsibility to have an extra copy of each on-hand and if you don’t, you’ll look like an amateur.

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