If you’re applying for jobs without a resume, you should not expect to hear back from employers. There’s a common misconception with many light industrial and manufacturing professionals that having a resume is optional — especially when applying for jobs with a mobile device — but it’s not. The truth is, it’s never okay to not submit a resume, and those who take this step will always be chosen over those who don’t.

Your resume is the first impression you make on a hiring manager, so imagine the impact you’re making by skipping that step. Below are three great reasons to stop everything and create a resume right now.

Stand out From the Crowd

If you think your competition isn’t submitting a resume with their job application, you’re likely mistaken, but even if they’re not, that doesn’t make it okay. Going above and beyond the minimum requirements to apply for a job is always a good idea because it shows the company you’re enthusiastic about the chance to work for them. When you submit a resume and most other candidates do not, you gain a competitive advantage.

Highlight Your Skills and Experience

It’s nearly impossible for a hiring manager to gauge your fit for the job unless you include a resume with your application. Every position you apply for has a set of minimum requirements for candidates and a list of optional nice-to-haves that can increase your chances of getting hired. Submitting a resume gives you the opportunity to explain your relevant skills and experience, which will increase your chances of being invited to interview for the job.

Prepare for the Job Interview

Job interviews can be incredibly nerve-wracking, but some of the mystery surrounding them is eliminated when you include a resume with your application. Interviewers typically base many questions on a candidate’s resume, asking them to elaborate on past jobs, skills and accomplishments. It’s a lot easier to prepare for the meeting when you have somewhat of an idea what you’ll be asked, allowing you to come up with dynamic, well-rehearsed responses.

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