Many general laborers make the mistake of trying to find a job without a resume; however, this approach doesn’t work. Whether you’re creating your very first resume or making updates to an existing one, it’s important to ensure it always has a professional appearance.

Hiring managers know what a resume should look like, so if yours doesn’t measure up, it defeats the purpose of having one. Learn how to craft a perfectly polished resume sure to make a great impression.

At first glance, writing a resume may seem a bit intimidating, but it’s definitely something you can handle. Use these three pieces of advice to make your resume stand out from the competition.

  1. List Relevant Training.

    Increase your marketability by including all your applicable experience for the job. This can include any formal training you’ve had and things you’ve learned on the job. Making hiring decisions is very difficult, so employers candidates who provide as much information as possible upfront.

  2. Highlight Your Skills.

    Use bullet points to list all your skills — lifting, packaging, types of machinery you’ve used — so the person reading your resume knows exactly what you’re capable of. In addition to those that pertain to the specific opportunity, it’s also wise to include other relevant skills that may not be part of the job description, because you never know what will get you a competitive advantage. Many hiring managers only have time to skim resumes for a few seconds, so put this section at the top.

  3. Keep It Organized.

    You might be the most qualified person for the job, but if your resume has no structure, this will go unnoticed. Divide it into sections — objective, skills, professional experience, education and any additional qualifications — to keep all information organized and make it easy to read. If your resume confuses the reader, it will get tossed into the reject pile.

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