Winter is typically considered peak flu season, so now that February is coming to a close, you probably think you’re in the clear. Unfortunately, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that flu activity can actually last through May.

Your warehouse is a busy place that requires a full staff to function at capacity, so learn how to keep your team in great health for the entire upcoming season.

Place Hand Sanitizer at Work Stations

No matter how clean you keep your warehouse, it’s still full of germs that can make your workers sick. Putting hand sanitizer at all work stations is a savvy way to combat these harmful germs. The CDC recommends using hand sanitizers with an alcohol concentration of 60 to 95 percent, as these are most effective at killing germs. Of course, soap and water should also be readily available, as the CDC warns that hand sanitizer may not be as effective when hands are heavily soiled or greasy.

Encourage Employees to Keep Their Distance

Depending on the nature of your warehouse operations, physical contact between employees may sometimes be unavoidable. Of course, this makes it easier to spread germs, so advise people to keep physical interactions to a minimum. Many viruses can be spread when an infected person coughs, sneezes or touches contaminated surfaces, so the more distance between employees, the better.

Provide Healthy Snack Options

Chances are, you probably have at least one vending machine in your breakroom, and it’s likely filled with junk food. Snacks like candy bars and salty potato chips may taste good, but they can actually lower the body’s immune system. Replace these foods with healthy options, such as nuts and granola bars, because eating well has a positive impact on the immune system. Your workers may be resistant to the change at first, but they’ll come around when they start to realize the physical impacts of snacking healthier.

Offer Paid Sick Days

Many employees — especially those paid hourly — come to work sick because they don’t want to take time off. One sick worker can potentially spread their illness to your entire team, bringing warehouse production levels to a halt. Avoid this by giving people a fair amount of paid sick days and requiring them to stay home when they’re feeling under the weather.


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