Looking to make a career change or just wondering if your current field has the potential to sustain you for the long haul? According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the hottest job in Kentucky is commercial piloting. That comes as no surprise to most of us with Amazon, EBay, Groupon, UPS and FEDEX right in our backyard. A Commercial Pilot can expect to earn around $75k per year, but it takes a lot of training and experience to get there.

What are your options?

What options are there for the rest of us who may not have the time or money to put into earning the qualifications necessary to become a pilot? There are plenty of fast- growing career options in the Northern Kentucky area.

Other jobs with potential

Coming in a close second to jobs for commercial pilot are those for reservation and travel agents which are expected to increase 59% over the next ten years.
Consider also postal service jobs. The BLS predicts that there will be more than 42,000 mail carriers by 2022. Big growth is also expected in mail sorting and processing.

Not interested in delivering packages by ground, air or truck? How about helping to deliver babies? Or caring for people of all ages?  By 2022 there are expected to be job opening s for nearly 60,000 registered nurses in Kentucky.  With a median income of $66,640, you may want to weigh the benefits of earning a nursing degree.

What’s the best way to know which careers are growing the fastest?

Speak to a recruiter or staffing agency that knows your area and specializes in the field where you work or that you would like to learn more about. Staffing professionals are in the business of keeping up with market trends and building relationships with hiring managers. That means they know not only what jobs are up and coming, but which companies will be hiring. Why not get a jump on the competition instead of waiting for your dream job to be posted?

Want to learn more about fast-growing careers in Cincinnati, Florence, Hebron, Erlanger, and Dry Ridge – where employers are hiring and what steps you need to take to qualify for them? Contact the staffing and recruiting specialists at PrideStaff Northern Kentucky.

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