The good news?  The economy has shown great improvement over the last few years, both nationally and locally. The bad news? The labor market is tighter than ever now. With job growth on the rise and fewer unemployed, it’s tough to compete for the best workers.

How can you find the people you need to meet your deadlines and reach your business goals?

Look to unconventional recruiting methods.

Just posting jobs on your company site or on job boards is no longer enough. That only attracts those who are actively looking for jobs. Consider methods that will grab the attention of even the currently employed. Stay active on social media.

Engaging with potential employees on Facebook or LinkedIn is a great way to show candidates your human side. Add a blog to your website and update it regularly, so prospective job seekers will see you as a resource and think of you first when they are ready to make a move.

Build a better job post.

Social media and blogs as mentioned above are a great start, but what do you do now that you’ve got their attention? Start by crafting job descriptions that make you attractive to candidates. Don’t just post a list of job duties or prerequisites. Make your post a sales tool. Look at it through the eyes of a job seeker. Think about what’s in it for them. Steady pay is a great, but what’s going to set you apart from other area employers?

Simplify your process.

Avoid complicated online applications. Start with just the basics for the initial contact. Once you get further along in the process you can get all the details you need to consider extending an offer. If your first interaction with candidates is complex, guess who’s going to abandon the application? The best people – those who can go elsewhere.

Ask for referrals.

Everyone knows that employee referrals are a great source of new candidates, but it’s important to be clear about what you’re looking for. Don’t create a program that encourages employees to invite just anyone to apply. Ask them to tell you specifically why they are recommending the candidate. They should be able to cite what job their friend is suited for and why.

Partner with a staffing firm.

You have plenty to get done in your day – hiring is just one of many tasks. Not so with staffing firms. They are experts at sourcing, screening and interviewing. They know what makes someone a strong candidate and who might just be good at interviewing.

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